Freezing Bed Bugs With InstantFreeze®

Bed Bug Control That’s Safe, Clean, Green, Thorough – and Works!

InstantFreeze® is Bell Environmental’s exclusive program for getting rid of bed bugs by freezing them with carbon dioxide snow (dry ice) and without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals. Only Bell Environmental has InstantFreeze. InstantFreeze is our trademarked and unique solution for eliminating bed bugs (including their eggs and larvae) and other insects in your home, school, and workplace. Using InstantFreeze, Bell Environmental solves your bed bug problems without using chemicals and keeps your location open.  That means there’s NO NEED TO CLOSE a hospital or hotel room, shut down your store, alarm employees in your office, send home a school notification and alarm families, or take an emergency vehicle our of service. We use carbon dioxide snow to treat everywhere in the affected rooms and vehicles. InstantFreeze penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to eliminate bed bugs from the places they’re hiding.  That means the bed bugs are dead and you can keep your room open and go back to relaxing on your furniture after we treat.

InstantFreeze Bed Bug Treatment Advantages:

  • Completely safe and non-toxic
  • Perfect for bed bug control in sensitive environments— including hospitals, apartments/homes, dormitories, hotels and commercial offices
  • Freezing bed bugs doesn’t require evacuation; rooms can be immediately reoccupied; offices and stores can stay open for business.
  • InstantFreeze is dry. There’s no moisture. InstantFreeze evaporates and leaves no residue
  • Safe to use on computers, furniture, electronics, medical equipment, etc. It only harms bed bugs and other insects.
  • No need to remove heavy furniture, computers, electronics, medicine, artwork or other items as with conventional bed bug treatments.

Freezing bed bugs is a chemical free, environmentally friendly way to eliminate bed bugs. Rooms can be occupied immediately after InstantFreeze treatments. It doesn’t affect the health, safety, or routines of hotel guests, hospital patients, customers, and employees.  Following our treatments, residents can get back to living free of a bed bug infestation!

Bell’s InstantFreeze Bed Bug Solution is One-of-a-Kind Program

InstantFreeze is a complete program used to solve bed bug issues in offices, schools, hotels and healthcare facilities and sensitive environments like airplanes, computer server rooms, data centers, and hospitals.

  • CONFIDENT: We provide detailed and labor intensive treatments, and thorough treatments are the key to solving bed bug issues. Customers can be confident InstantFreeze will eliminate bed bugs.
  • CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY: Our Bed Bug treatments work and customers do not waste money on incomplete, ineffective, drawn out efforts that leave you with bugs.
  • CLEAN: There is no need to clean up chemicals after treatments. There are no stains nor smells.
  • CONVENIENT: We provide immediate dispatches 24/7/365 so corporate customers can keep locations open at all times.
  • COMPLETE: Bell has dozens of CO2 machines and hundreds of CO2 tanks to perform complete bed bug treatments of all affected areas vs. competitors halfway solutions or spot treatments.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Customers also do not have to throw out or replace infested furniture and electronics, they can all be safely treated with InstantFreeze.
  • COMPUTER-SAFE: Bed Bug treatments need to cover computers and electronics where insects also hide. InstantFreeze is uniquely safe for treating computers, server rooms, and data centers.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: InstantFreeze uses carbon dioxide which is safe and non-toxic. Bed Bugs are killed physically, and cannot build immunity to InstantFreeze like they do with  pesticides.
  • CLIMATE-FRIENDLY: InstantFreeze is an environmentally-friendly “Green” Technology. It uses recycled CO2 gas and does not leave any residual behind.

How Is InstantFreeze Different From The Exterminators  Who Say They Also Freeze Bed Bugs

Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze is not the same as others who use the carbon dioxide freezing method or the cryonite system to eliminate bed bugs. We have dozens of InstantFreeze lances and hundreds of CO2 tanks filled and ready to use for bed bug treatment at all times. Bell Environmental treat your entire location with carbon dioxide. Others just perform spot treatments of individual items—a common industry practice due to companies having inadequate quantities of CO2 and a small number of fragile carbon dioxide lances.

Our bed bug specialists are scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year to serve our corporate clients, and arrive on site to respond quickly to customers’ requests for service. It’s the Bell difference that makes all the difference when you need to effectively eliminate bed bugs.

Contact Bell online or call 877-376-1775 to learn how InstantFreeze and other bed bug solutions can end a bed bug infestation.