True Fumigation Services Stop Bed Bugs Wherever They Hide

Bell Environmental’s Fumigation Division makes Bed Bugs No Big Deal! Bell Environmental is one of very few companies that provides true fumigation services. Fumigation is a commonly misused word that people think means all chemical based pest control. The real meaning of fumigation is the use of a true gas within an enclosed space to eliminate bed bugs and other insects. We perform fumigation treatments in our secure and safe location. These bed bug treatments penetrate all cracks and crevices and eliminate the insects, without any residue, film, or odor. Similar to our InstantFreeze program, there is no damage to your possessions and no residue. Fumigation is 100% effective as the insects cannot resist this solution.

Why Fumigate?

  • Makes Your In Home Bed Bug Treatments More Successful: Fumigation is a helpful tool that does not replace our thorough, on-site InstantFreeze bed bug treatments. It can be used on books, papers, and other items where bed bugs hide. It is a great alternative to expensive dry cleaning and is far more economical.
  • Leave Bed Bugs Behind When You Move: If you’re moving and don’t want to risk taking bed bugs with you and bring old problems into your new home, Bell Environmental can help. Load up your moving truck, park it with Bell Environmental, and after a day, you can take the things you love into your new home and leave your bed bug worries behind.
  • Don’t Let Bed Bugs Follow You Home From Vacation or Study Abroad: If you come home from a vacation (or your child is returning from summer camp, a trip, or study abroad program) and suspect you’ll infest your home with bed bugs if you bring their luggage inside, call Bell Environmental. Don’t throw out your luggage or send everything to the dry cleaner. We can solve your bed bug concerns in an efficient, cost-effective way.
  • A Valuable Tool For Certain Businesses: Fumigation is a way for businesses that deal with used mattresses and other furniture, appliances, and to eliminate any real and possible pest issues in these items without running the risk of damage. Businesses lessen the risks of transporting hitchhiking bed bugs to their offices, showrooms, warehouses, or to other customers’ sites, thereby eliminating liabilities and the need to throw out furniture that you would be afraid to rent or sell to customers.