Bell Environmental’s approach to exterminate bed bugs is very different and more intense than other pest control treatments. Bed bugs’ biology and habits leads them to hide deep inside cracks and crevices and they don’t need to come out often to seek food. Eliminating bed bugs is like trying to get a moving needle in a haystack. Bed bugs are highly resistant to and even immune to most pesticides, so Bell Environmental uses physical solutions as our primary methods of elimination. Bell Environmental performs detailed, crack and crevice treatments that focus on living areas instead of eating areas or places that have water. To eliminate bed bugs it is best to treat an entire residence or location – including all furniture. We also need to inspect and if necessary treat adjoining units. We also follow bed bug treatment program that consists of at least two treatments. We have a full range of tools that are safe, thorough, and effective – and the scale to eliminate any bed bug problem.

InstantFreeze. Bell Environmental uses InstantFreeze, our exclusive non-toxic, non-chemical frozen carbon dioxide tool to freeze bed bugs. It is a physical solution that is recommended by government and industry authorities. Bell’s InstantFreeze gives you the most thorough treatments- and thoroughness is the key to eliminating any bed bug problem. Bell Environmental treats every inch of the room where bed bugs hide. InstantFreeze is safe to use on any surface and material. Unlike other bed bug control methods, we can use InstantFreeze to all treat electronics and furniture safely and without damage – so you don’t have to throw anything out! InstantFreeze is the key to our green and combination treatments.

Preparation Services. Bell Environmental’s Bed Bug Prep Services increase the chances of successful bed bug treatments for victims. Using Bell Environmental for preparation gets rid of your stress when you have a bed bug problem and increases our ability to eliminate bed bugs wherever they hide. We save you time by completing the tasks that are necessary to get ready for and improve the effectiveness of any bed bug treatment.

Fumigation. Bell Environmental also provides True Fumigation services at our secure location. Fumigation eliminates bed bugs hiding in your personal items without damaging your furniture, clothing, and other possessions. Our bed bug fumigation services save clients time and money, and prevent you from bringing bed bugs home from travels or infesting a new home. We also transport and store personal items and furniture in our secure climate controlled facilities during your bed bug treatment process.