Roscoe’s Bed Bug Protection Plan

Bell’s Exclusive Bed Bug Protection Plan Is Great For Homeowners and Renters

Are you concerned about the high risk of getting bed bugs because

  • Bed bugs can crawl down the hall from an infested neighbor into your home?
  • Your daughter could bring home bed bugs from her college dorm?
  • Your son may carry bed bugs back from his classroom or camp?
  • Bed bugs decide to hitchhike into your luggage during a vacation or business trip?
  • Insects will catch a ride to your home after a fun night at the movies?

Are you also worried that:

  • Your family will be stressed, overwhelmed, and disrupted if bed bugs crawl into your home?
  • You won’t know how to get rid of a bed bug problem?
  • You will have large unexpected costs when you hire a professional to solve your bed bugs?
  • Your landlord would use an exterminator who is incapable of resolving your problem, just goes through the motions, or relies on ineffective pesticides?

Roscoe’s Protection Plan Eliminates These Fears

Bell Environmental gives you “Roscoe’s Protection Plan” as a solution and restores your peace of mind!  We protect you in the event that bed bugs infest your home. Roscoe’s Protection Plan ends any concerns that you have about bed bugs including what to do, who to call, how to treat or what it will cost to solve.  For a low flat annual fee this service agreement provides inspections at your request and treatment whenever bed bugs are present. During the term of the agreement, Bell Environmental will provide treatment featuring our signature InstantFreeze method AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, should live bed bug activity be confirmed by our bed bug protector teams. You will never have to worry about bed bugs again!

Who Can Sign Up For The Bed Bug Protection Plan?

We offer residential customers the plan at a low, flat, and affordable rate. At the time of signing, customers must be determined by our inspection team to be free of live bed bug activity. However, interested parties presently experiencing bed bug issues are immediately eligible and protected moving forward, once existing problems are determined to be resolved. Additional eligibility criteria and certain terms and conditions may apply.

Contact Bell Environmental or call us at 877-376-1775 for more information or to schedule your qualifying canine inspection.