Corporate Bed Bug Protection Programs

Bell Environmental creates programs for businesses take control of bed bugs before infestations become overwhelming. We recommend scheduling routine canine inspections followed by immediate, on-the-spot-treatments whenever need, to catch and resolve any emerging bed bug infestations before they become significant issues to staff and customers.   We perform these inspections for banks, hotels, hospitals, libraries, offices, public agencies, retailers, schools, utilities and other organizations that have had past issues and/or want to make sure their employees and customers are protected.  These programs have also been implemented in fleets of vehicles – including ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, taxis, and limousines.  Some organizations use our programs to protect students in dormitories and people living in employee housing.

With our numerous canine teams and extensive inventory of InstantFreeze, no job is beyond our scope.  From entire hospital wings and companies with tens of thousands of square feet of office space, to smaller stores that are busy and can’t afford to shut down, Bell Environmental  can inspect and treat your facility with immediacy,and at any hour of the day to maintain discretion and so your business will not have to shut down.  And our InstantFreeze method guarantees your location can be immediately reoccupied, so you’ll be back up and running right away.

We can also perform educational seminars for your employees on how to prevent, inspect and identify bed bug infestations before they become overwhelming, because the first line of defense against bed bugs is your staff’s vigilance.

Contact Bell Environmental or call us at 877-376-1775 for more information about keeping your business safe from bed bugs.