We’re going to warn the public again. Alcohol is simply not a solution to bed bugs. It may dry out bugs, but it has no residual effects.  Alcohol is also flammable. In order to get rid of your bed bugs. please don’t spray lots of alcohol.  While heat has been proven to kill bed bugs, no one recommends that you use an open flame or try to burn these insects.  The results are always bad.

As the AP reported, there were recent bad results when someone pursued this foolish path. a Detroit man burned his apartment and himself while trying to fight bed bugs. Here’s the full story:

DETROIT (AP) — A man trying to kill bedbugs set himself and his apartment on fire.

The Detroit Free Press reports that four units in the Midtown building were destroyed by flames last weekend and about two dozen others suffered water damage.

A city official tells the newspaper that the man sprayed himself and his sofa with rubbing alcohol about 4:30 a.m. Sunday and lit a cigarette.

Mayor’s office spokesman Dan Austin says the sofa and the man’s body caught fire when he tried to burn one of the bedbugs.

The newspaper reports that the man escaped the blaze, but suffered severe burns.

No other injuries were reported.

This unidentified man’s actions in the middle of the night led to him sustaining severe burns. He is now recovering in a hospital. We’re not calling him a bonehead, although the NY Daily News did. It is much better to call a professional who can actually solve your bed bugs.  This pro should use a method, like Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze, that carries no fire risks!