We’re big fans of Gary Larson’s Far Side and highly recommend the complete collection of his cartoons, available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  It’s too bad Gary Larson retired because he brought so much levity to uncomfortable topics, and had a fantastic and funny perspective on nature and the insect kingdom.  Ever since the bed bug epidemic exploded, we’ve always recognized how truly difficult a subject bed bugs are for victims. Bell Environmental is very serious about solving bed bug issues for our customers and giving them the best advice on preventing future encounters with these difficult insects.

We also believe that laughter is also the best medicine for many problems- and there is a place for bed bug humor that’s genuinely funny and puts a light touch onto a difficult topic. Simply put, that’s not easy to find.

Usually bed bug jokes are similar to: Did you hear about the pregnant bedbug? She gave birth in the spring.

and Two married bed bug victims went to a motel to have an illicit affair, but could not consummate – They stayed up the whole night inspecting the mattress with flashlights. –  As Charlie Brown would say, “Oh, Good Grief……”

Here’s a link to a YouTube video from the Entomological Society of America with Insect Humor. (If you’ve ready for more, then here’s part two of the video…..  We doubt this will make it onto Google’s list of the funniest YouTube videos.)

So as a public service, we’re going to bring you the best Bed Bug jokes and humor that we can find here on Bell Environmental’s blog.

Our first is a stand up routine from a Canadian comic.

“It’s insane. For all of our advanced technology, we still haven’t beaten bed bugs. We’re being defeated by an enemy that doesn’t even bother to get out of bed,” Ron James says.

The rest of the clip is not G-rated, but it’s scientifically correct and funny.

Click Here and Enjoy!

Watch this blog for more…. and please email us or post in the comments your favorite bed bug jokes.