It’s Back To School for students, families, teachers, and administrators nationwide!

It’s important for schools to be prepared for many things during the 2012-3 school year – not least of which is bed bugs!

The government has provided fresh resources for school districts to teach their staff about this widespread epidemic.  We encourage schools, teachers, and administrators to download the EPA’s presentation here.

Bell Environmental has also created a valuable and FREE tool for teachers to use to educate their students on how to identify the signs of and take preventive measures.  Our new book “Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” teaches students how to find bed bugs of all stages and where they hide. With the bed bug epidemic spreading so quickly into homes and schools, everyone should have the knowledge to prevent and detect issues.

In the book our beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog takes readers on a search. Children connect-the-dots, find hidden items, draw pictures, and complete word searches and mazes as they learn about these insects in a fun and friendly way. Please click here to download it for FREE on Bell Environmental’s website

In addition, Bell Environmental Services performs education services and provides school assemblies for audiences on bed bug biology and habits in addition to how to prevent new encounters, detect bed bugs’ presence, and resolve bed bug issues.  We have solved these issues many times in schools and universities throughout the region, and treat bed bugs without pesticides or the need to shut down classrooms. Because there are no pesticides used in our solutions,. you don’t need to wait to solve problems, be concerned about the effects on students’ health, or provide prenotifications. Our educational sessions can be valuable and tailored for key audiences such as administrators, superintendents, principals, teachers, school nurses, students, parents, and maintenance and operational personnel in your school system. 

Please Contact Bell Environmental if we can be of any assistance- and watch for our ongoing discussions of bed bugs and pest management in schools in this blog.