Whether you read USA Today, visit the website for ABC News,  or have an aunt email you the article – everyone wants to share Smarter Travel and the National Pest Management Association’s tips to avoid bed bugs in hotels and prevent bringing them home.  It’s true that travel is one of the most common ways that victims encounter bed bugs so you have every reason to be vigilant.  Regardless of the type of accommodations you stay in, it is a good precaution to check your room for these nefarious critters.

In our perspective there’s a much easier way to have this information handy – especially if you can’t remember where exactly you saw the article or what the steps are: download these bed bug tips from Bell Environmental.

Click here to visit our website Roscoe’s Bed Bug Tips, and it will give you the links to download our free bed bug prevention app from the App Store, Android, and Blackberry.  If you’re less technically inclined and prefer to have the easy to use tips in your pocket- then please follow this link and print out our Travel Card.

Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, and Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!