The National Apartment Association published the results of a survey that showed that bedbugs and bedbug infestations are the number one concern of its building managers.

Bed Bugs Top the NAA Survey On Biggest Concerns

Bed Bugs are a growing and real scenario for property managers. Imagine: Bed bugs are allegedly “seen” in an apartment. The resident is vocal, and word has spread quickly around the building. He is not to blame, this resident says. He has complained for a month about neighbors as the source of his bed bug suspicions. There are questions about assigning blame; which apartments need to have bed bug inspections; and who pays for the cost of inspections and treatments. Action needs to be taken – and fast – before the bedbug infestation spreads.

This frequent scenario illustrates the need for building owners, managers, and managing agents to have policies and action plans in place to deal with bed bug issues. Bed bugs are a growing problem for residents in all types of communal environments. There is little time to discuss how to handle bed bug issues once these insects are reported or suspected. Having policies in place is vital to ensure a prompt and effective response. Action plans should detail proactive and reactive measures such as prevention, early detection, response times, pre-treatment preparation, remediation strategies, and budgeting. Other considerations are secondary.

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