Bed Bug and Pest Management White Papers and Studies

In-depth information about bed bugs and commercial pest control

In the constantly changing industry of commercial pest control and bed bug control, new areas of discovery and method improvements are always coming to light. In addition, product innovations, like InstantFreeze,for freezing bed bugs, have a major impact on bed bug treatment protocols for our residential and corporate customers, and their tenants, clients, patients, and employees. Read about the latest developments in the world of Integrated Pest Management and bed bug management.

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Hospital Bed Bug Treatments
Bed bugs are an epidemic throughout New York City including in many public places and hospitals. In 2010, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene stated that 400,000 or 1 in 15 people in New York City had bed bugs in the last year. Though bed bugs affect people in all socio‐economic levels, they are a greater problem among people at the lower end of spectrum who do not have the resources to be able to pay for effective pest control solutions, i.e. the New York residents who are more…

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Treatment?
Bed Bugs don’t go away on their own, and bed bug problems only get worse if you don’t take them seriously. There are things consumers and business try to solve their own bed bug issues without using pesticides, or without calling a professional licensed bed bug exterminator. In our experience, the odds of removing bed bugs from your home or office without having a thorough treatment by an experienced pest control company are very low. Here’s why Spraying, Vacuuming, Covering Your Mattress, and/or…

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
If you have watched the news or surfed the internet lately you have surely seen some article, discussion, or pictures pertaining to bed bugs. Last week, the EPA even held the first ever Bed Bug Summit. The question is, why?

I am really surprised by the lack of help that landlords offer tenants when apartments become infested with bed bugs. Over the last few months I have been encountering more and more landlords using the cheapest treatment possible for bed bugs. The Spray and Pray will not work for bed bugs. In many cases this technique is causing the bed bug problems in the building to become worse…