Roscoe, The Bed Bug Sniffing Dog, Hunts Down Bed Bugs In New Coloring and Activity Book

Featuring games, activities and helpful information, “Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” follows beagle detective Roscoe as he teaches children about these insects in a fun and friendly way. Roscoe is scheduled to visit several New York-Metro area libraries to educate children and distribute this free book

Parsippany, N.J. – June 13, 2011

Bell Environmental Services announced its beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog® is sharing his bed bug hunting skills in a new activity and coloring book to help children learn about bed bugs.

The free, 16-page book, Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt, features games, coloring pages and helpful information about bed bugs for elementary school-aged children and parents. The book follows beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog on a search. It teaches students how to find bed bugs of all stages and where they hide. Children connect-the-dots, find hidden items, draw pictures, and complete word searches and mazes as they learn about these insects in a fun and friendly way. The book is available for download, free of charge, on Bell Environmental’s website https://www.roscoethebedbugdog.com/pages/kids.php.

Roscoe is one of the New York area’s most recognizable canines. He has been featured by ABC’s Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, Animal Planet, The New York Times, and other local and national media. Roscoe stars in Bell Environmental’s television commercials, an iPhone app, and his Facebook and Twitter pages.

“There is no one better to teach children about bed bugs than a beloved beagle,” Glenn Waldorf of Bell Environmental Services. “Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt shows how to recognize bed bugs and their signs and teaches helpful tips. With the bed bug epidemic spreading so quickly into homes and schools, everyone should have the knowledge to prevent and detect issues from the start.”

Roscoe is visiting a number of large public libraries in cities throughout the New York metropolitan area to introduce and distribute his new book to children. Roscoe’s first scheduled visit will be the Children’s Room at the Paterson Public Library on June 22 where one of Bell’s experts will also give a talk about insects.

Bed bugs are a growing public health issue throughout the United States with many reports of bed bugs in schools and public places in the New York-area. According to the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, 1 in 15 adult residents had bed bugs in the last year. Monthly bed bug incidents in New York City schools multiplied by almost five times since the past school year to 468 incidents per month.

“Education and vigilance are the best tools for preventing bed bug encounters,” said Waldorf. “This book is fun and engaging, and can help families and schools take early action and avoid the trouble and expense that result from exposure.”

About Bell Environmental Services
Bell Environmental Services, Inc. is a leading pest control company in the New York-metropolitan area that was founded in 1963. Bell uses its safe, “green,” non-toxic, and chemical-free InstantFreeze program to eliminate bed bugs in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other buildings in all the places bed bugs hide, including furniture and computers. https://www.bellbedbugs.com.