‘Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog’ Game Debuts on iPhone

‘Roscoe’s Tips’ For Avoiding Elusive Bed Bugs Now On Android And BlackBerry

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Roscoe, the popular bed bug sniffing dog employed by Bell Environmental Services, now has his own game, available via Apple’s iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bell-environmental-services/id393155497) that gives players an opportunity to find and freeze virtual bed bugs.

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is a real and busy canine detective who seeks out bed bugs so these insects can be eliminated by freezing them with carbon dioxide. For beagle lovers (who isn’t one?), Roscoe fans, and everyone else who hates bed bugs, this game provides the only way to encounter the bed bug epidemic that’s fun and painless! This game also offers bed bug victims a chance to strike back!

In the game, Roscoe is hired to uncover the bed bugs hiding in the furniture and walls of different locations. Players guide Roscoe as he hunts and sniffs all over the rooms to uncover the hidden bugs, and then kills them with an InstantFreeze gun. Players who are fast, accurate, and thorough will complete each job for a handsome profit and dog treats, and progress to more challenging searches.

Brought to you by bed bug specialist Bell Environmental Services, “Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog” is more than fun and challenging — it’s educational. The game illustrates where bed bugs really may hide in homes or hotels. In addition, the application “Roscoe’s Tips” is included for free with the game. This app shows how to do real searches for these well-hidden bugs, to minimize encounters with these insects and to avoid taking them home after traveling.

The Roscoe’s Tips application is now also available for free for Android and BlackBerry users in their respective app stores to help avoid Bed Bugs in hotel rooms. Roscoe’s Tips can also be accessed via all browsers or downloaded via www.roscoethebedbugdog.com.

About Bell Environmental Services
Bell Environmental Services, Inc. is a full-service pest control company that was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Parsippany, N.J. Bell Environmental has practiced “green” pest control for 30 years. Bell uses its non-toxic and chemical-free InstantFreeze method to provide the thorough treatments necessary to eliminate Bed Bugs in residential and commercial buildings. InstantFreeze allows treatment of all areas Bed Bugs hide, including personal luggage, fine furnishings, and electronics. Please contact Bell at 877-376-1775 or visit www.bellbedbugs.com.