Where’s the Beef Roscoe?

Find Beg Bug Control Experts in the Media

Have you seen our latest Where’s Roscoe commercial? Well, the folks at Fuel the Future sure have! Check out what they have to say about the leading bed bug dog, and Bell Environmental’s most recent commercial!

Source: Fuel The Future

Prop up an old lady, have her bellow, “Where’s the Beef?,” show a juicy, overflowing Wendy’s burger, and you’ve got yourself a commercial classic.

But roll up in a bed bug truck, have a bunch of people yell, “Where’s Roscoe,?” trot out a handsome beagle (Roscoe), and you’ve got…?

Let me put this bug in your ear: I actually think the “Where’s Roscoe?,” mantra is catchy (it seems to work for everything from fast food to Waldo). And what a great way to deflect the grossness of bed bugs and the extermination thereof. You’re not inviting a bunch of insect killers to your house—you’re inviting Snoopy’s cousin! Plus, you know we here at FUEL have a thing for dogs.