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The New York Post – These dogs are still on the job — even while working from home   New York’s Hometown Newspaper turned to Bell Environmental for our view on whether the NYC’s public housing authority can meet federal pest control targets to reduce mice, rat and roach infestation levels by 40-50% by January 2022. Spoiler alert: we’re skeptical. Read more.

The Daily News – NYCHA won’t meet pest reduction targets imposed by deal with feds, experts say New York’s Hometown Newspaper turned to Bell Environmental for our view on whether the NYC’s public housing authority can meet federal pest control targets to reduce mice, rat and roach infestation levels by 40-50% by January 2022. Spoiler alert: we’re skeptical. Read more.

Metro New York – Meet New York City’s Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs
This NY newspaper featured Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog, who sat for an interview, and some of this fellow canine detectives who help New Yorkers find these itch causing insects. Read more.

The Cooperator – Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs – Step 1: Prevent Them In The First Place
The Cooperator Magazine is a real estate publication that asked Bell Environmental’s guidance how apartment buildings should address bed bug issues. While it may be impossible to avoid bed bug problems entirely, here is practical advice on how to can prevent, prepare for, and solve bed bug problems. Read more.

Bell’s Bird Control Experts Are Frequently Quoted In The New York Times
The New York Times approached Bell Environmental when providing advice for real estate owners on how to solve bird problems at a co-op building and how to remove birds from air conditioning units.

DNAInfo – Roaches Love This Disgusting Heat So Much, It Makes Them Want to Fly
In an article that captured national attention, two of Bell Environmental’s entomologists were quoted in a report by DNAInfo about how NYC experienced “flying roaches” brought out by the oppressive weather that smothered the city in August. Read more.

Parade Magazine – Working Dogs That Change Lives
Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog was featured by Parade Magazine in an article about how working dogs change lives. We’re so proud that he was featured alongside canines who do great work as performing therapy, assisting veteran, inspecting bee hives, helping autistic children. Read more.

AMNew York – Bed Bugs Mutate And Flourish In NYC
Experts say that bed bugs are literally growing thicker skins that make them resistant to a common insecticide, and that if complaints are down, it’s because people aren’t complaining to government officials and not because the pests are disappearing from our private and public spaces. Read more.

NY Magazine – Bell Environmental Discovered A Cockroach Species Never Before Found In The US Living In New York City
The Yamato cockroach (Periplaneta japonica), a species indigenous to Japan, China and southeast Russia, is an outdoor living insect that survives in cool-temperate regions. In spring 2012 Bell Environmental found this insect thriving in an outdoor public garden in New York City in the first documented report of this cockroach species establishing itself in the United States. New York Magazine wrote a full account of our discovery. Read more.

New York Times – Residential Exposure to Pesticide During Childhood Increases Risk of Childhood Cancers
A September 2015 study, highlighted in the New York Times showed that childhood exposure to indoor but not outdoor residential insecticides was associated with a significant increase in risk of childhood hematopoietic cancers namely childhood leukemia and childhood lymphomas. Keeping your family safe and healthy are among the key reasons Bell Environmental uses our non-toxic InstantFreeze to get rid of your bed bugs. Read more.

Wall Street Journal – Where Are The Bed Bugs Now?
The Wall Street Journal reported on the invasion that spanned schools, stores and theaters. Read more.

CBS-2-NY – MTA: 3 N Trains Taken Out Of Service Due To Bedbug Infestation
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – N for nasty! The Metropolitan Transit Authority confirmed Wednesday that three separate N trains were taken out of service after bedbugs were found on board. Read more.

NBC-4-NY I Team – Bedbug Treatments Leave Homes in Flames
NBC-4 Investigated Thermal and Radiant Heat treatments for bed bugs and how they put victims, neighbors, and firefighters at risk for a fire caused by this treatment method. Read more.

New Jersey Herald – Bedbug forum set Tuesday at S-W school
Glenn Waldorf, director of Bell Environmental Services, in Fairfield, said that in his work as a licensed pest control technician, he has encountered a number of school districts that have had to grapple with bedbug problems. After several reported incidents involving the discovery of bedbugs in two of the district’s three schools, the Sussex-Wantage School District is planning a public informational forum on its pest management policies Tuesday at 7 p.m., in the Sussex Middle School auditorium. Read more.

Brooklyn Magazine – Brooklyn’s Biggest Bed Bug Scares: An Uncomfortable Retrospective
OK, it’s sad, summer’s technically over. Shed a tear, slather on some aloe vera, etc., etc. But you know what we never miss about the warmest, funnest time of the year? All the goddamn bedbugs. Those little terrors are everywhere, and they thrive in the heat, hitting their peak in 80-degree weather.
Read more.

iAdvance Senior Care – Bed Bugs: Long Term Care’s Unwelcome Guests
Long-term care facilities, assisted living centers, and nursing homes are prime feeding grounds for bed bugs. Bell Environmental explained how to anticipate and solve bed bug issues for visitors, staff and families and lower the risks people will take bed bugs home with them. Read more.

USA TODAY – More Offices See Bedbug Infestations
USA Today article on bed bugs in the workplace and offices. Bell Environmental notes that no company wants to be known for having bedbugs and that our non-toxic thorough solutions keep offices open and employees and customers safe. Read more.

NJBiz – Pest control firm’s success comes from adapting to changing regulations, market
Bell Environmental has adapted to changing market conditions throughout its 50 year history. Applying its quality services to new opportunities from pharmaceutical labs, to non-toxic bird control, to InstantFreeze bed bug solutions. Read more.

Bloomberg Businessweek – From Bed Bugs to Mini-Brownies, Businesses Adapt to Change
New Yorkers who worry about home infestations probably know Roscoe, the bed bug-hunting Beagle who’s been featured in cable television commercials since 2008 and has his own website. But they may not know that bed bug services are just the latest incarnation for Roscoe’s owners, Bell Environmental Services, a Fairfield, N.J., company that has been around for half a century. Read more.

McKnight’s Long Term Care News & Assisted Living – Bed Bugs Emerge As Challenge For Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing home administrators and managers of assisted living facilities should prepare for an inevitable invasion of bed bugs. There are steps you can take to help reduce the risks of infestations. When it comes to bed bugs, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At the senior facilities where Bell Environmental provides bed bug services, we tell all employees – everyone from the owner to the medical staff – that they should be prepared to identify and act on issues to avoid the problem Read more.

EMS World – Beating the Bugs
Bell Environmental’s advice for EMS departments and emergency workers to avoid and address bed bug issues in their vehicles and offices. First responders are particularly vulnerable to bed bug encounters. Once present bed bugs can hide and live in vehicles for months. It is essential to choose bed bug treatment methods that do not cause shut downs or take emergency vehicles out of service. Read more.

Where’s Roscoe? As featured on AdWeek’s Fuel the Future’s blog
Prop up an old lady, have her bellow, “Where’s the Beef?,” show a juicy, overflowing Wendy’s burger, and you’ve got yourself a commercial classic. Read more.