In a departure from our more serious commentary on bed bug detection and removal, pest solutions, and bird control we’re including a humorous take on an issue of frequent discussion. Cracked Magazine usually comments on pop culture and some occasional life lessons. We found a clever and unusual piece from one writer on the site during today’s coffee break. He tackled bed bug issues and outlined the nine “techniques” that he used to solve his problem. Read about his “progress” going through:

Technique #1: Hippie Remedies
Technique #2: Can of Raid
Technique #3: Eight Cans of Raid
Technique #4: The Professionals
Technique #5: Strip Everything Out of the Apartment
Technique #6: Move
Technique #7: Bitter Crying Jags
Technique #8: Deep Undercover
Technique #9: Symbiosis

Here’s the link for the full clever article.