Bed Bug Humor: The Office

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The new season of The Office began last week.  Our colleagues really enjoyed its return, even if they watched a huge Giants win before staying up extra late to see their favorite sitcom on their DVRs.  In contrast, some critics are already out with their knives, ready to slice the show’s final season to pieces. We’re not going

Good Advice on Residential Pest Issues

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Sorry we didn’t publish this sooner, but The New York Times offered some really good advice on how to deal with residential pest control issues.  Two small comments on the article: 1- Regarding its bed bug treatment advice, we know carbon dioxide freezing is a superior method to anything else mentioned because it is safer,

Crazy As A Bed Bug?

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“Crazy as a Bed Bug” is an old expression that (according to the website Why Do We Say It) owes its origin to the almost insane antics of a bedbug crawling around on a mattress. Its motions are zigzag, its direction uncertain. Thus, it would appear that the bedbug’s “craziness” was more along the lines

Insect Music Friday: Butterfly

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Welcome to our latest Insect Music Friday posting.  This week we’re moving from Boll/Bo Weevils to Butterflies- specifically, Crazy Town’s hit from 2000, which was memorably used in the opening credits of the Jack Nicholson / Diane Keaton movie “Something’s Gotta Give.” Yes, we recognize that for some reason our Insect Music series keeps bringing us

Bed Bugs A Serious Problem Nationwide in 2012

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Bell Environmental is not alone in highlighting how bed bugs are a real problem! The National Pest Management Association just announced that pest control companies across the country are seeing more bed bug service calls this summer compared to last year, with some reporting increases of up to 25 percent. “For anyone who may think

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