Insect Music Friday: The Ramones “Spider-Man”

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In honor of this week’s blockbuster movie The Amazing Spider-Man, our Insect Music Series is expanding to include some “Arachnid Music” - Specifically, the Ramones’ cover of the Spider-Man cartoon theme song.  Has there ever been a better song for a superhero TV show or movie?  Prince’s Bat Dance doesn’t come close. Neither does that Nickelback Spider-Man song

Please, No Monkey Business!

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The New York Times recently wrote about how Indian city New Delhi is overrun with monkeys. We’re glad this is a problem we don’t have to solve here in the New York region. We don’t get calls about mice, rats, roaches, pigeons, and bed bugs “entering homes, ripping out wiring, stealing clothes and biting those

Would You Keep Your Mechanic When Your Car Keeps Breaking Down?

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In our 50 years in the pest control business, Bell Environmental has earned a reputation for providing top quality service. We are often asked to bid on pest control situations in hospitals, office buildings, schools, residential apartment complexes, and other places in which there are really bad problems. The managers are dissatisfied with their incumbent

Where’s Roscoe This Weekend? Celebrating Bell Environmental’s 50 Years!

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Bell Environmental Is Pleased To Honor Its Longtime Clients At Our 50th Anniversary Celebration In NYC Bell Environmental Services has performed our pest control services for more than 40 years with little fanfare serving and becoming an essential pest control service provider and partner to many New York-area businesses, organizations, and government agencies.  We are

What You’ll Learn At Our Senior Living & Bed Bugs Seminar on June 13

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What are the issues that Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers Have When Preparing for and Addressing Bed Bug issues? Below are some of the things attendees will discuss at Bell Environmental’s seminar on bed bugs and senior living: “Bed Bugs: Realities and Remedies.” Sign up now for the event which will be held later

Do Bug Bombs Work On Bed Bugs? NO!

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There have been a number of recent national news reports (on National Public Radio, in Time Magazine, on CBS News  and Fox News) about a study stating that Bug Bombs Do Not Work on Bed Bugs and Customers Should Not Bother With This Approach. The articles reference work by Dr. Susan Jones a professor of entomology

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