What’s Cooking At The University of Chicago?

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The University of Chicago is a great school with more Nobel Laureates affiliated with it than any other major institution, but the school and students have always had distinct qualities. To quote comedian Shelly Berman (who is now best known as Larry David’s father on Curb Your Enthusiasm), “If you’ve never met a student from the University

Bed Bug Humor? No It’s Not An Oxymoron

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We’re big fans of Gary Larson’s Far Side and highly recommend the complete collection of his cartoons, available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  It’s too bad Gary Larson retired because he brought so much levity to uncomfortable topics, and had a fantastic and funny perspective on nature and the insect kingdom.  Ever since the

Rats Love New York!

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Rats are commensal animals that “share the table with people” and depend on people for part of their food and shelter. These intelligent animals thrive in urban environments that have plenty of food and people. Rats Love New York!  In fact, New York is home to 25 million rats – about 3 rats per human resident! Rats use

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