It’s Called InstantFreeze!

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A client wrote us, “Can I book an antifreeze bed bug treatment for a 2 bedroom apartment?” Yes, we can book a treatment and will be there to help soon.  We know this person made an innocent mistake with the name of our method for treating bed bugs.  Antifreeze is a freeze preventive used in

No, We Don’t “Need a Bigger Boat”

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This is a real email from a new client: “I am interested in your services. Please help me solve our bed bugs, roaches, and mice. Thank you very much for your help.” Sorry this person ended up with so much trouble, but fortunately she’s not up against a man eating shark, just rodents and insects. The professionals at

Yes, We Can Help Right Away!

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A bed bug victim wrote us, “Is it possible to request InstantFreeze service without the inspection of one of the bed bug sniffing dogs? Thank you for your time.” Good question! You do not need to have a canine inspection in order to receive bed bug treatments. Bell Environmental does send a human inspector to every

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