What’s Really Scary This Halloween?

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The Thought of Unwanted Pests or Pesticides Should Bring Nightmares Worse Than You Ever Experienced as a Child! Spiders, Ghouls, and Goblins are not the biggest scares that people will encounter this time of year! Consider the real terrors that your office and sensitive areas face from unwanted pests: •The consequences can be devastating: Studies

Avoid Bed Bugs By Avoiding Used Furniture

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Hi I’m Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog. I’m guest blogging again today! I recently came across this posting on Craig’s List. I’m flattered by the seller’s mention on Craig’s List and the invitation to sleep over on a cozy couch in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Glad the seller has such a comfy, well-maintained, futon but I

Restaurants: Solve Rodent Issues to Avoid Shutdowns & Unwanted Press!

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Every restaurant wants growing buzz, but not like this! New York’s rodent problems are growing while Health Department inspectors now post grades online and prominently in restaurant windows. Among the most frequent health violations in restaurants are signs of mice and insects. See the news about: •Number 7 restaurant in Brooklyn •Bobo in Greenwich Village

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