Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog Provides Bed Bug Detection And Much More

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is our lead canine inspector who seeks out bed bugs in homes, schools, hospitals, and offices. Roscoe is well-known for his television commercials for Bell Environmental Services. Roscoe is a famous beagle who gives out bed bug advice to consumers, especially parents and schools so they can avoid and detect this public health emergency.

To learn more about Roscoe, how you can appear in his upcoming commercials, and get his helpful bed bug advice and latest updates, please visit:

  • Where’s Roscoe Contest: See the winners of our “Where’s Roscoe” video contest. The 5 winners will be in Roscoe’s next commercial and receive prizes.
  • Meet Roscoe: Learn more about Roscoe’s background, training, and accomplishments.
  • Fun Stuff: Download Roscoe’s free apps, game, and children’s coloring book to get Roscoe’s best bed bug prevention tips.
  • Friend Roscoe on Facebook & Follow him on Twitter: Roscoe shares his latest tips, observations, and photos of his adventures with his fellow dog detectives.

To learn more about how Roscoe and our other canine detectives can find hidden bed bugs, or certify that you are free from bed bugs in your home, school, or workplace, please visit:

  • Detection: Bell Environmental’s highly trained and dedicated canine teams offer you the most accurate way of finding bed bug infestations.  If you or your loved ones have an itch or bite, but aren’t  sure why, call us and we’ll be there to inspect with a canine team, the pest control industry’s best detection tool.
  • Protection: Roscoe’s Protection Plan offers you detection and treatment services so you never have to worry about bed bugs and the unexpected cost of treating them again.
  • Inspect Before You Rent: Whether you’re buying or renting, sleep easier knowing your new home or apartment is free of bed bugs before you move in!
  • Canine Inspection FAQ’s: We have answered a number of frequently asked questions about our canine inspections and bed bug dogs.