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Roscoe’s Bed Bug Tips – Your FREE Smartphone App

Roscoe has some great tips for you to avoid being bitten by bed bugs while travelling and prevent taking them home. This advice is available as a free application for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android users in their respective app stores. The greatest risk for encountering bed bugs appears to be while people are traveling. Because bed bugs are a widespread and growing epidemic it’s important to have this easy to follow guide with on your phone so you can use it to avoid bites and keep bed bugs from hitchhiking a ride into your home. Regardless of the type of accommodations you stay in, it is a good precaution to check your room using bed bug tips from Bell Environmental.

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Roscoe’s Travel Tips Card

The Roscoe’s Tips travel card is an excellent guide you can print and fold to carry with you at all times to tell you how to avoid bed bugs when you travel and keep them from hitchhiking into your home upon your return.  It contains similar information to our free app, Roscoe’s Tips, by detailing how to inspect a hotel room and identify the signs if bed bugs are present.  Click here to download and print this handy guide.

Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt

“Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” is an activity book for elementary school age children to Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog Coloring Bookteach them about Bed Bugs and how to recognize the signs of these insects. The activity book follows beagle detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog on a search. It teaches students how to find Bed Bugs of all ages and stages in their hiding places. Children connect-the-dots, search for words, draw pictures, solve mazes, find hidden objects, and perform other activities as they learn about these insects in a fun and non-threatening way. We encourage families and teachers to download this free book now!  We hope you enjoy it.

The Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog Game

You can be Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog by playing his game for the iPhone.  For dog lovers (who isn’t one), Roscoe fans, and everyone else, this game gives you the only way you’ll encounter the bed bug epidemic that’s fun and painless! If you fear or hate bed bugs this game gives you a chance to strike back!  In the game, Roscoe is hired to uncover the bed bugs hiding in the furniture and walls of different locations. Hunt and sniff all over the rooms to uncover the hidden bugs, and then zap them with your InstantFreeze gun. If you’re fast, accurate, and thorough, Roscoe will complete each job for a handsome profit and dog treats, and will progress to more challenging searches.

In addition to being fun and challenging – it’s educational. The game also teaches you where bed bugs really may hide in your home or hotel. In addition, the application “Roscoe’s Tips” is included for free with the game, and this app shows you how to do real searches for these well-hidden bugs, so you aren’t bitten by these insects and don’t take them home from your travels.

CLICK Here to download the game on iTunes for only $1.99

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