Commercial Pest Control Specialty Areas

Our Pest Control Services Are Great Value To Customers, Because Our Proactive Approach Guarantees Results

Would you keep your mechanic if your car kept breaking down? Or your plumber if your sink kept leaking? Then, why stick with your exterminator if you still have pests? Paying for poor pest control service and experiencing rodent and pest control issues is just a waste of budget, and puts you at risk for health department violations, tenant complaints, Joint Commission demerits, and/or state and federal fines. Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish.

How can we make such statements? Because we know the huge difference between Bell Environmental and other NYC exterminators: We bend down and do the work! Our customers get rid of their pests and get a great value for their money.

Our highly trained and closely supervised commercial pest control technicians take the time to do the work needed to keep your facility pest free. We then provide detailed logs and reports that show our progress. You won’t find dusty traps that haven’t been checked for years. Bell solves customer problems and with our Zero-Pest Zone System® we guarantee our commercial pest control results.

Commercial Pest Control Specialty Areas:

  • Healthcare – Urban pest issues are an ongoing problem for health care, hospital, and assisted living facilities. We provide Integrated Pest Management services quickly and efficiently to keep patients safe and preserve infection control protocols.
  • Hotels – Bell Environmental specializes in creating and implementing pest control programs for hotels, inns, and the hospitality industry.
  • Food Services & Hospitality – Commercial pest control is a particularly sensitive issue for the food industry since pests are drawn to food and businesses are regulated by and subject to government inspections.
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings, Apartments & High-Rises – Integrated Pest Management keeps tenants safe from disease and infection from urban pests.
  • Commercial & Industrial Facilities – A single rodent can gnaw through wiring and shut down an entire office complex. Bell’s rodent elimination program works, guaranteed.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Bell understands that urban pests can endanger sensitive production environments and quality controls for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our unique Zero-Pest Zone program methods, solutions, adherence to SOPs, and documentation are meticulous. We eliminate and avoid problems so you can enhance your facility’s productivity, keep your company’s products free from insect/rodent contamination, and avoid regulatory troubles.
  • Laboratory & Animal Research – Pest elimination is more than a perfunctory task when it comes to laboratory and research environments. Our proactive programs and unique expertise protect your locations from pest issues and maintain quality controls in research facilities using Integrated Pest Management.
  • Construction & Pre-Treatment – Start with Integrated Pest Management before building begins and prevent urban pest species from becoming permanent tenants.
  • Sanitation Audits – Important to some industries, critical to others, sanitation audits as part of your pest control service, can mean the difference between a roach infestation and a clean bill of health.
  • Regional Accounts – Bell specializes in commercial pest control for businesses and organizations throughout the Northeast and MidAtlantic regions. We service regional chains and owner- operated companies with multiple locations. We provide top quality services to companies in the New York and Philadelphia Tri-state areas and beyond.

Contact us online or at 877-376-1775 to discuss how we our pest control services are right for your needs.