Roscoe’s Bed Bug Protection Plan Keeps Your Family Safe

Bed bugs are an epidemic throughout the entire New York Metropolitan area and Delaware Valley with significant problems all over Philadelphia and New York City.  NY, NJ, CT, and PA residents all  have significant risks of getting bed bugs. Bell Environmental provides our clients with  a protection plan that will soothe your concerns about getting and solving this unexpected, itchy, stressful, costly, and difficult problem.

Roscoe’s Protection Plan is a unique program gives consumers the chance to sleep tight and stop worrying about bed bugs and the unexpected cost of getting rid of them, with Bell Environmental serving as your protector. Click here to learn more.

Bell Environmental has similar proactive protection programs for businesses, schools, government agencies, health care facilities, and other organizations that are at risk of getting bed bugs. We provide ongoing inspection and treatment services and respond immediately to calls for help with bed bugs. Click here to learn more.

Contact Bell Environmental or call us at 877-376-1775 for more information about our bed bug protection programs.