Bell’s NYC Pest Control Solutions In The Media

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At Bell, our unique pest and bed bug detection methods have had plenty of airplay. Our bed bug sniffing dogs have appeared on an array of radio and news stations including ABC, CBS, Fox News and more. Additionally, Roscoe and our crack team of bed bug dogs have been featured on Animal Planet and other popular shows. See them in action here.

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Bell Environmental Featured on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Bell Environmental Featured on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Bell Environmental Featured on the “Get Connected” radio show hosted by Nina DelRio!

Glen Waldorf discussed the reasons why bed bugs are so prevalent within New York City and provides tips on how to prevent and treat bed bugs.

Live from the WINS 1010 News Desk, Bed Bugs Found on NY City Subway!

Bed Bugs were found on 3 “N” trains along the NY City subway system, the trains were taken out of commission and treated to insure train cab cleanliness.

School Nurse Discovers Bed Bug on Children In West New York, NJ!

A school nurse in West New York, NJ, discovers 2 children with bed bug bites, and Glen Waldorf from Bell Environmental provides a description of the various types of bed bugs and offers prevention and remediation tips.

The Fios News Desk Discusses How to ID a Bed Bug!

Glen Waldorf from Bell Environmental explains how people can identify bed bugs, provides tips on bed bug remediation and prevention.

Univision Teams up With Roscoe To Work in Manhattan!

Univision came along with Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog to experience a typical day in the life of identifying bed bugs throughout New York City.

Bell Environmental CNBC Power Lunch !

Bell Featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch discussing Bed Bugs found at United Airlines Corporate Headquarters.

Roscoe at Work!

Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog is a highly trained dog who can sniff out bed bugs. Using dogs like Roscoe is the single most reliable method to detect bed bugs.

Roscoe In The Studio!

WABC News (Channel 7 – New York) in its coverage of the New York Bed Bug epidemic featured Bell Environmental’s Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and his handler to the studio demonstrating our dog’s training and detection skills.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me” series examined different human parasites including Bed Bugs. In one episode a NJ Woman with Bed Bugs contacted Bell Environmental to detect and solve her bed bug problem. Our beagle Roscoe pinpointed where the bed bugs were hiding and Bell used “Instant Freeze” to kill the bugs.